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Weakness Chart


Fire - Strong against Body and Air, Weak to Death and Life

Red gemin produce and radiate heat energy. They are responsible for desert climates and volcanic activity on skylands with red cores. Uses include heating for furnaces, ovens, and ignition for combustion engines.

Fire burns Body.

Fire is fueled by Air.


Body - Strong against Air and Earth, Weak to Fire and Death

Orange gemin expel a slightly attractive force, pulling objects toward them. Skylands with orange cores contain hard stone like granite and diorite. Orange gemin are used to construct devices that attract or repel objects, generate building material, or to lift and haul.

Body is unmoved by Air.

Body cultivates Earth.


Air - Strong against Earth and Energy, Weak to Body and Fire

Yellow gemin produce a buoyant force. They are responsible for generating and accelerating wind currents on Una. Skylands with yellow cores tend to move more quickly than others. It is trivial to exploit its buoyant force, so they are used ubiquitously to keep ships aloft.

Air erodes Earth.

Air carries Energy.


Earth - Strong against Energy and Water, Weak to Air and Body

Green gemin accelerate the growth of plants and crystalline structures. Heavily forested skylands on Una typically indicate skylands with green cores. Green gemin are used agriculturally to improve food harvests, and to promote the growth of wildlife in areas damaged by human occupation.

Earth conducts Energy.

Earth grows from Water.


Energy - Strong against Water and Spirit, Weak to Earth and Air

Cyan gemin have an aura of continuous electrical discharge. Skylands that contain cyan cores attract thunderstorms, as well as earthquakes and landslides. Cyan gemin are typically attached to melee weapons, or used to generate electricity to power weapons of war. Although, they can be used to generate electricity for everyday use, the people of Una have not yet utilized electricity's full potential.

Energy conducted by Energy.

Energy effects Spirit.


Water - Strong against Spirit and Decay, Weak to Energy and Earth

Blue gemin produce water continuously making them difficult to handle or transport. Every source of water on Una has rooted from a blue gemin. Skylands with blue cores tend to be covered in lakes, springs, rivers, and have high humidity or rainfall. Because of their ability to produce water, they have been utilized in every home exclusively as a municipal source. Where excess water is run off of the edge of an sklands into the clouds below.

Water cleanses Spirit.

Water cleanses Decay.


Spirit - Strong against Decay and Life, Weak to Water and Energy

Purple gemin are not very well understood. Their effect on the ecology of Una is not known. It has been observed that skylands with purple cores are haunted or spiritual places, containing strange colors and rare flora and fauna. Because there is no known property of this gemin, it is used primarily as currency, or to produce default standards by which other gemin are graded.

Spirit outlives Decay.

Spirit outlives Life.


Decay - Strong against Life and Death, Weak to Spirit and Water

Magenta gemin while exposed to other life have a slowly propagating effect inflicting illness, sickness, or cellular death. Not much is known about how these gemin do this, but it is assumed they release some kind of miasmic field. Skylands with magenta cores rot trees quickly, and contain many mushrooms, molds, moss, and bacterial colonies. Magenta gemin are used to produce chemicals and medicines, and are also used by nations to inflict illness upon enemies.

Decay ends Life.

Decay causes Death.


Life - Strong against Death and Fire, Weak to Decay and Spirit

White gemin radiate both continuous bright light, as well as an aura of wellness. The way in which it recovers someone from illness or injury is not known. Skylands with white cores contain plants that bare white leaves and fruits, as well as white pelted animals. These skylands are surrounded by thick fog making them easily identifiable. These gemin are used in emergency situations to prevent death, as well as to provide a source of light; although expensive to use for this purpose.

Life overcomes Death.

Life conquers Fire.


Death - Strong against Fire and Body, Weak to Life and Decay

Black gemin when in the presence of an sapient individual can instill feelings of extreme fear, sorrow, depression, thoughts of suicide, and implant suggestions through conversation from an undiscernible source. Uses of black gemin are almost always nefarious in nature, such as psychological warfare, assassination, Umbral cult worship, domestic terrorism, and Dark Keygeminology. For this reason, black gemin are illegal in almost every nation, except for Umborn.

Death outclasses Fire.

Death kills Body.


Varies - Varies

Multicolored gemin exhibit characteristics of their component colors, making them vary wildly depending on their color composition. Generally multicolored gemin take on the dispositions that contain their colors, enhanced by white gemin making them more intelligent, and making them more emotional. Most multicolor gemin are composed of colors near one another. Complementary multicolor gemin tend to be very rare, as their complements tend to degrade them, and are thus unstable. Keygemin whom are multicolored tend to be violent and unpredictable.

Multicolors have complex weaknesses and strengths.

Rainbow - Allgeminel

Sapience - Strong against None, Weak to None

Allgeminel are extraordinarily rare. Only five allgeminel are known to exist.

* The skyland core of Socketridge which is thought to be yellow, but is actually kept aloft by an Allgeminel. Grade 8.
* The setting of the Kaigemin Allmagistra. Grade 6.
* The setting of thy Keygemin Elma. Grade 8.
* The Flower of Una. Grade 10.
* The Orisian Stone. Grade 13.

The abilities of Allgeminel far surpass the abilities of their equally strong, individual color counter parts, combined. For all purposes, Allgeminel are considered to be deities.