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This naturally occurring material is a specific type of Gemin that has an aspect deep into the yellow. Yellow is one of the most common gemin aspects. Since low quality gemin are not used in the Setting of Keygemin, and the yellow aspect does not have many common uses; there is an overabundance of them.

The blue aspect gemin can generate water, and the red aspect radiates heat. They are used by every household in Una to meet a high standard of living. The yellow aspect, which provides an upward buoyant force, has limited labor uses in a familial house. Instead, these gemin are utilized by the industrial sector to lift or move objects.

These gemin are called floatstones. They can be affixed to lifting platforms to offset the weight of objects to make shipping easier. Floatstones can, dependent on their quality and size, displace 100 to 500 times or greater their mass in buoyant force. The floatstones themselves still retain their mass. Objects attached to them reduce their weight with sharply diminishing returns.

Floatstones of large size are used to keep the ships themselves aloft. Using the power of recursion, these floatstones only need to offset the mass of the ship, and the floatstone platforms inside. The contents of the platform are made lighter only while they are nearby the floatstone or nearby objects attached to the floatstone. If an object becomes dislodged or is otherwise separated from the stone, it returns to its normal weight. Objects attached to floatstones still retain both their mass and inertia. Exceptionally, massive ships would still need alot of thrust to move forward. This is true even if they, and the cargo they contain, are weightless.