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Keygemin are a sort of golem formed from the Setting process. After setting has taken place, a Gemin may reform the material around them to become a creature with a elemental affinity determined by its color. A keygemin's form is determined by its Aspects.

Dormant Gemin

Dormant gemin refer to any gemin who do not have enough energy to be set, or refer to grade 0 gemin that contain any amount of latent gemin energy. Dormant gemin are absorbable by gemin with the ability to absorb energy.

Inert Gemin

Inert gemin of grade 0 are useless for all but their material properties. It is misunderstood that inert gemin are deceased. This is not entirely the case. Inert gemin of grades higher than 0 are still capable of breeding. When an inert gemin breeds with a gemin of any grade, it is able to create a near-copy of the original. This new gemin is not the same as the original, and may have a different disposition to its parent. However, some memories of the original parent gemin are transferred to the child.

Memory Passing

When breeding gemin, it is advised that both parent gemin be possessed by the person who wishes to also possess the child gemin. If this is not done, it is possible that the child gemin will have no memory of its possessor and will need to be retrained or domesticated. Even Type R gemin, which are difficult to control, will still remain loyal to their possessors if they maintain memories of them as the possessor. Without these memories, a breed child gemin may be stuck with a disposition that is difficult to work with. This becomes a new relationship between possessor and child gemin, staring from square one.

Companion Gemin

One exception to the rule that Keygemin become inert when expending their energy, are gemin that have become attuned to their possessors through long-term servitude, trust in their possessor, or symbiotic relationship. This is not exclusive to gemin and people. Gemin can become parasites of any lifeform, taking that lifeforms energy to use for its own purposes. To prevent becoming inert, if they are in the presence of a lifeform with enough energy, and that lifeform is willing or unable to resist, a gemin may take the latent energy of a nearby lifeform to save itself. This can occur frequently with a low grade family Keygemin of multiple generations.

A person can attune to only one gemin, with some exceptions with lifetime practice, or an natural abundance of latent energy. This gemin, which is attuned to a person, is considered by other gemin a possessor controls to be the companion gemin. When talking to other possessors, the companion gemin is called the Familiar. The companion gemin has a hierarchical leverage in arguments between the collection of gemin in a possessors entourage, called a Triad. This companion gemin is the only gemin with permission to parasitically absorb the energy of their possessor. High grade gemin have less of an impact on their possessor, but still may not give the permission of symbiosis to other gemin in the collection a possessor controls. A possessor may only control three gemin at any time.

Companion gemin have a high resistance to absorption abilities of other gemin, due to their attunement to their possessors. Absorption abilities are easily detected, and interceptable by a possessor. Gemin of non-malign aspects or dispositions will avoid absorbing the energy of humans. More aggressive gemin may still attempt to take this energy undeterred by human intervention. Exceptionally powerful Keygemin are capable of attuning to humans in addition to an companion's attunement, but returning absorbed energy back to their possessor. The limit of the number of energized gemin a possessor can hold is almost never higher than 3.

Breeding Rules

When two gemin of grade 1 or higher touch, they may either: absorb the energy from the other in the case of higher grade gemin, or breed. The two breeding gemin must have compatible aspects, and must also have been set at least once in order to manifest a form. Once this requirement has been met, and both gemin are willing; breeding will occur.

This process happens instantly the moment they touch. Half of the latent energy within the gemin is transmuted into fresh gemin matter with properties that reflect that of the two parents. For each aspect color of each parent, there is a 50% chance the parent will carry that aspect to the child. A child cannot contain an opposing aspect without having the white aspect in addition to it, or without having the same possessor and be willing regardless of their incompatibility. Multi colored gemin are naturally rare, but are more common among Keygemin possessors.

If no colors are carried over from the parents to a child, the breeding process fails. This process cannot be repeated until the gemin are partially recharged. Recharging a gemin can occur only once per grad.

Keygemin Advancement

Keygemin advancement is typically determined by the quality grade of a gemin, but is not exclusively to quality. It is possible for a lower grade gemin to meet the advancement standard of higher grade gemin through dedicated practice. This is not advised, as highly advanced Keygemin forms expend exponentially more gemin energy than their lower advancement forms. Because Keygemin often perish when their energy is expended, lower grade gemin are best utilized in lower forms of advancement. Keygemin of high grade can execute higher advancement grades with ease, and sustain them long periods of time. With practice, may even do so permanently.


Novice advancement Keygemin are small to medium sized creatures, that are occasionally mountable. This advancement stage of Keygemin requires not training to execute and the basic form a Keygemin will take. Novice Keygemin are considered sub-sentient, no different than other animals. Keygemin of this advancement will not expect higher quality material for setting, and will often accept lower quality setting materials like stone, sand, soil, grass, wood, or sometimes refuse.


This advancement stage is seen as the common battle form a Keygemin of a lower grade will try to achieve. Gemin of a lower grade will have difficulty maintaining this for an extended period. Form range from small to large size depending on the amount of energy the gemin can expend. Intermediate Keygemin are considered to be sub-sentient, equivalent to a well trained pet. They will seek out medium quality materials but will except lower quality materials like common metals, limestone, common wood, or human made objects.


Competent forms range from medium to large size, although agile Keygemin aspects may go for smaller forms. Some keygemin can fly while mounted. These forms are built for combat being more driven to the use of natural weapons. For possessors with lower to medium quality gemin, this is the highest gemin stage that can remain stable during with dedicated practice. Grades 1 through 3 may never see this stage of form, unless the Keygemin or is possessor is under great distress. Competent Keygemin are considered to be semi-sentient. They seek out medium quality materials like metals, hard stones, high quality woods, or human made objects.


Forms executed by proficiently advanced Keygemin tend to reflect a large size, and are usually mountable. Even aspects and dispositions that prefer speed tend to be of large size. For high quality gemin, this is the baseline form it will take after an amount of practice. For medium quality gemin, this form is used only in battle, preferring to use competent forms when idle. Proficient advancement Keygemin are generally sentient, or semi-sentient, and like to be set into medium to high quality materials such as; metals, fine stones like granite or marble, or high quality treated woods.


Expert Keygemin forms, are usually of a large or huge size. As with other forms, sleek Keygemin may prefer smaller forms for greater maneuverability. In appearance, they may look highly complex, made of countless numbers of geometric small parts. As a whole take a regal or royal style. High quality gemin will use this form during combat in order maintain a low energy use state. Medium quality gemin can expose an expert form under distress. Otherwise this is the baseline for high grade 9 and 10 Keygemin. Expert advancement Keygemin are typically semi-sapient, or sentient. They can sometimes approximate human speech or deliver basic requests. These Keygemin prefer high quality setting materials like precious metals, fine stone like moonstone, or artisan cloth works like silk.


As with expert advancement, Keygemin in this form are large or huge in size; and made up of a high number of parts. They will however go for a more divine, or sapient style. Reflecting the design of artificial objects, like fabricated armor, or make themselves into bipedal humanoid shapes. Exceptional gemin, grades 11 to 12 can maintain master forms continuously. 9 to 10 grade gemin will try to stick to expert advancement to prevent overexertion, though they can maintain these forms for a long period of time. Master advancement Keygemin are often sapient or semi-sapient. This makes them capable of quality human speech, or broken human speech. They prefer high quality setting materials like gemstones, precious metals, semi-precious stones, or gemin.

Grades of Keygemin

Grade 0

Grade 0 gemin do not have the ability to set, and cannot become Keygemin. They start a small amount of energy and and very common. These gemin have enough energy to sustain an proficient gemin form for about an hour.

Grade 1 (Novice)

This is the lowest grade of gemin with the ability to be set. Once a gemin of this grade is set, they will be able to take a Novice form and maintain it for several hours. If they are in combat, may only be able to maintain this form for a short period of time before needing rest or recharging. Otherwise they risk becoming inert. With practice, grade 1 gemin can idly maintain their form for 8 hours each day, so long as they are set with the help of their possessor. Only companions of this grade provide an aspect benefit to their possessor.

Grade 2 (Novice)

Grade 2 Keygemin can maintain their novice forms for several continuous weeks without overexertion before becoming inert, or under the stress of combat for several hours. Sufficient rest will prevent the Keygemin from becoming inert. The amount of energy a grade 2 gemin holds in limited. They are incapable of long term activity while setting. In an idle or resting state, can maintain their novice forms continuously before becoming dormant. Only companions of this grade provide an aspect benefit to their possessor.

Grade 3 (Intermediate)

The intermediate Keygemin form can be held for a several hours. While in combat, may only be able to maintain the intermediate form for a short time. Downgrading to a novice form will allow it to participate in battle for much longer without the need to rest. Grade 3 gemin are earliest grade that an gemin can maintain regular activity continuously for a for a human lifetime. Under combat stress they may become dormant and unset to rest. Otherwise, these gemin live for a long time. Only companions of this grade provide an aspect benefit to their possessor.

Grade 4 (Intermediate)

Keygemin of grade 4 can maintain an intermediate advancement form for several grads, or a novice form for a several years. Under combat exercise can maintain the intermediate form for a full day, and a novice form at not effort. This is the first grade a gemin can stay set under combat stress for the duration of a human lifetime. Needing to only be set one time. Only companions of this grade provide an aspect benefit to their possessor.

Grade 5 (Competent)

This grade is capable of sustaining a competent form of Keygemin for an entire day, and lower forms for much longer periods of time. It can maintain a competent form for several hours during heavy combat, or a proficient form for a useable period. They can store enough energy to stay set in an intermediate form idly for several years. But can maintain a highly active novice state for a human lifetime. Only companions of this grade provide an aspect benefit to their possessor.

Grade 6 (Competent)

Competent advancement forms can be manifested by Keygemin of this grade for years at a time. With long term fighting over many weeks, this can be enough to cause a gemin to become inert. This should not be a problem in any environment where a gemin is allowed to normally rest, or to safely enter a dormant phase. The amount of energy a grade 6 gemin can store can support it continuously for several decades without becoming inert. Only companions of this grade provide an aspect benefit to their possessor.

Grade 7 (Proficient)

Gemin of grade 7 can keep proficient forms manifested for several days with ease. The amount of energy stored within a grade 7 gemin is enough to keep a competent form present for longer than a human lifetime. Once a Keygemin reaches a grade of 7 or higher, it is no longer capable of rendering itself inert through exhaustion of its power reserves. Unless it is affected by the absorption abilities of other gemin, or otherwise drained by an artificial means. Although they cannot become inert, they are difficult to restore to a charged state. Grade 7 gemin require access to a large store of gemin energy to kickstart the charging process. This can only be done with large gemin, such as with direct contact against skyland cores. They cannot use higher grades to kickstart them, as those gemin will absorb the remaining dormant energy of the grade 7 gemin. This grade will provide an aspect benefit to their possessor to a maximum of 3, regardless of their companion status.

Grade 8 (Proficient)

The proficient form of advancement can be maintained by gemin of this grade continuously, without restriction. Higher forms are capable of being maintained for hours, at the risk of draining power reserves. The power capacity of this grade is sizable, capable of sustaining a Keygemin for a lifetime, even with a experienced possessor. Grade 8 or greater Keygemin have the ability to absorb the energy of gemin when contacting them. They are able to prevent themselves from becoming inert by searching for an draining the energy of dormant gemin in order to restore its own energy reserves. It is still able to overexert itself, resulting in becoming dormant. It can be removed from its dormant state by being touched to a gemin it can absorb. Once active, it can return to charging its own reserves by cannibalizing other dormant gemin. This grade will provide an aspect benefit to their possessor to a maximum of 3, regardless of their companion status.

Grade 9 (Expert)

These Keygemin can maintain the export form of advancement for many days at a time without rest. The amount of energy they can retain is large enough that it should not become a problem when serving the needs of a single person. In military applications, gemin of this grade could be overused in wartime operations. Otherwise, these gemin have a high energy capacity. Gemin of grades 9 or more, become capable of absorbing the energy of nearby gemin to restore its own. In addition to being able to prevent itself from becoming inert, grade 9 Keygemin are considered to be non-senescent. Grade 9 gemin specifically may absorb the energy of gemin it touches directly. If it does expend to much energy, it will still become dormant. Because the range of its absorption ability is only a few meters, it typically requires a third party to admiministor sacrificial gemin to restore it operational capacity. This grade will provide an aspect benefit to their possessor to a maximum of 3, regardless of their companion status.

Grade 10 (Expert)

Grade 10 Keygemin can maintain export advancement forms as long as they like without any visible effort. These Keygemin are capable of storing a very large amount of gemin energy. The amount of energy these gemin can store is difficult to maximize even with the combined effort of nation's military; though it had been proven possible. Keygemin of this grade while maintaining any amount of charge can execute their master form for any amount of time, and cannot become inert due to exhaustion. Once depleted from long term use of Master grade forms, will take energy from nearby gemin to recharge. If they are too far from nearby gemin, will remain in a latent energy state until they come into nearby contact with gemin they can absorb energy from. This grade will provide an aspect benefit to their possessor to a maximum of 5, regardless of their companion status.

Grade 11 (Master)

Keygemin of this grade can execute the master advancement forms for long periods of time without rest. Grade 11 gemin a store a finite, but immeasurable, amount of gemin energy. This large potential store of energy allows Keygemin of this grade to maintain their fully exerted forms for years, only tiring to recharge. These gemin cannot become inert from expending their energy, and will instead take energy from gemin their immediate surroundings. This grade will provide an aspect benefit to their possessor to a maximum of 5, regardless of their companion status.

Grade 12 (Master)

Once set, a grade 12 Keygemin can maintain a master form an indefinite amount of time. Gemin of this power are able to store limitless amounts of energy, making the Keygemin they set have eternal life. So long as a source of energy can replenish the grade 12 stone, they may maintain state full exertion continuously. These gemin are incapable of expending all of their energy, becoming inert. They instead will forcefully absorb energy from gemin in their surrounding environment to maintain their charge. This grade will provide an aspect benefit to their possessor to a maximum of 7, regardless of their companion status.