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The world of Una is one of an infinite sky. Countless Skylands float above a sea of endless clouds, wind, and rain. These skylands grow in place around gemstones containing a powerful unknown energy. These gemstones descended from the deep sky above where billions of tiny lights glimmer in a spectrum of full color. These glimmering stones in the distance, take an unfathomable amount time to descend. They end their decent to remain level resting just above the clouds.

The skylands grow around these massive gemstones. After a near eternity of existence gems beget crystals, dirt, and stones seemingly from thin air. Plants find their way to seed, water pours, and life matures. When the gem's energy is consumed, they lose the last of their dimming light. The skylands that they have grown can no longer be keep aloft by the energy contained within them, and drop from the sky into the flesh ripping winds below. There they fall into what is believed to be a bottomless chasm of clouds, storms, tempest, and mayhem. The material that once made the skylands flourish with abundant life is torn apart, and returned to the cosmic aether. To once again, in a future time long to pass, become a gemstone that will descend to grow a new skyland seeding new life. This cycle of all things. Destined to fall, always chasing the sky.

These gemstones have spawned a vast array of life upon the countless skylands of the infinite archipelago. A few can climb, and some can swim. Many can walk, but more can fly. Some can dream. The dreamers of Una, the intelligent ones, are two legged and strong. They can manipulate the world around them, making tools, shelters, fires, and war. Differences in they ways they dream, cause differences in the way they act. In this world of Una they use the power of the stones in the mountains of the skylands of the infinite archipelago. They manipulate the stones to change the world around them.

These stones contain a power of the kind that can make the skylands stay floating above the clouds. Power they use to make their vehicles float as well. They convert the buoyant force of the stones into energy used to pump water, that turns gears, to compress plants, that extract fuel, to power the entire world. When used as a tool to power the world, the quality of the lives of the dreamers of Una are improved as well. Though, the power of the stones can be used for more than good. When access to power is cheap, the wealthy swoop in to monopolize it. The nations of the world of Una try to control and restrict access to the gemstones that can be found by an hour of layman's work.

Gemin, is the name given to the gemstones by the dreamers. The economy of the world of Una is dictated by a flow of gemin mined from the mountains of the largest skylands. Many of the skylands are not large enough to place houses on, let alone cities. While some skylands are large enough to host conurbations of millions, and rarely, entire countries. The civilizations of the world that have built their greatest cities and wonders; have a vested interest into keeping their skylands aloft. They keep the impact of their actions upon the skylands as light as possible. Otherwise they will outsource mining of gemin to uninhabited small skylands. Skylands will plummet from the sky if its seed gemin, a Skyland Core, is destroyed, depleted, or damaged beyond it ability to keep the skyland afloat. These cores range from small to colossal, with a size that relates to the total size of the skylands themselves. The largest of the skylands tend to last the longest. Reserves of their gemin's core energy can be seen in the diversity and health of the skyland’s top surface.

For millennia, the people took advantage of the winds, differences in altitude, and favorable weather to glide from skyland to skyland with man made wings. After those dreamers domesticated the Longfeathers, they began to ride and fly around the infinite archipelago. As far and as wide as they could dream. Only recently have the people learned to harness the power of gemin for themselves. With research into the powers that the gemin provide, there came new inventions. Gemin Engines, converting Red Gemin that contain the essence of fire and radiant heat, into reliable propulsion. They have proved useful without limitation, and this technology is now ubiquitous to all of Una. It allows millions to safely travel the world, toward centers of trade. To see their families, to take from others, and to wage war. As the demand for gemin have increased, so have their value.

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