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The leading cause of death in Una is falling from the sky. This happens so frequently because of the shear amount of air travel across the world. Most of the people who fall into the void do so from ship-to-ship combat in war torn regions, and with pirate clans. After this, some ships fall due to natural hazards like rockfalls, drifts, vortices, or by collisions with derelict ships, the remains of shipwrecks, and natural or artificial debris. Any damage an airship takes to its Nacelles may cause it to capsize into the void.

Beyond shipwrecks, people fall due to a wingsuit's miscalculation of distance, or failure of the suit itself. A common method of travel in Una is via the wingsuit, and with gliders. Personal gliders are owned by most families unawide. In many places, it is more convenient to move with an unpowered glider from a higher elevation skyland to a lower elevation skyland nearby. In these cases, favorable conditions are needed to predict a successful glide. Especially where a successful glide ratio is suspect. Wingsuits have a glide ratio of 3 to 1. Where 1 foot of elevation gives 3 feet of glide. Personal gliders built by the people of Una have a glide ration of approximately 8. The most high performance gliding craft can reach a ration of 20.

Nets cover the boundaries around the docks of the cities of Una. These are present to catch people, gliders, and craft who miss the mainland. Retrieval specialists then meet the person or craft who was unable to land, and move them or their equipment up to the surface. In many places, these teams are prepared to meet those who miss the nets with dive teams. Divers have creatures of flight, both fauna and Keygemin. These diving teams typically ride Longfeathers to intercept individuals. Gliding equipment is often lost during rescue attempts. Though the intercept rate of diving teams is very high, the occasional person is missed by the catchers and they are lost to the torrent below the clouds.