Red Keygemin

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Red Keygemin are often more aggressive and forceful in their actions. They will typically take the form of predatory animals with front facing eyes. They are difficult to control and tend not to listen to authority.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Aspect Benefits

Aspect Benefit (1-4) - This gemin radiates a constant warmth bringing a resistance to cold weather.

Aspect Benefit (5-8) - The amount of energy radiated from the gemin is able target sources of cold directly, giving resistance to cold sources of damage, and immunity the cold based weather effects.

Aspect Benefit (9-12) - This gemin is able to focus on and work against the cold to bring about an equilibrium. Your ambient temperature is always room temperature, and you become immune to cold damage.

Red Keygemin Forms

 * Aggressive (R1) - (+) - Seeking fuel material.
 * Angry (R2) - (--) - Seeking fuel material. A small sized canine, or fox which remains aflame at all times. This creature is capable of leaving a trail of fire behind it, and setting alight all flammable objects it touches. It may spontaneously and suicidally explode when agitated. Only at medium grades can this Keygemin manage its anger to prevent setting objects alight. At higher grades, may explode without destroying itself.
 * Curious (O1) - (-) - Seeking a processed flammable organic material.
 * Vigilant (O2) - (-) - Seeking oven, forge, or kiln material.
 * Serene (Y1) - (-) - Seeking smoke material.
 * Joyous (Y2) - (+) - Seeking fuel vapor material.
 * Trusting (G1) - (++) - Seeking wooden manmade object material.
 * Loving (G2) - (++) - Seeking wood material.
 * Active (C1) - (+) - Seeking hot iron or steel material.
 * Dreamy (C2) - (++) - Seeking copper or conductive material.
 * Cautious (B1) - (++) - Seeking non-metal container material.
 * Fearful (B2) - (+) - Seeking steam material.
 * Doubtful (P1) - (++) - Seeking grain alcohol material.
 * Respectful (P2) - (++) - Seeking cooking oil filled metal pot material. This tiny sapient fireball is incapable of moving on its own. While in its container can launch fireballs equal in size to itself in any direction at high speed and at long range. Regardless of this Keygemin's grade, it is capable of clear verbal communication. It is highly vulnerable to water, and touching it quickly extinguishes this creature. At medium grades it may move itself at slow speeds, and be transplanted into small metal containers. At high grade, can be housed in medium containers, and fly through the use of thrust as long as it has fuel.
 * Spiteful (M1) - (-) - Seeking wax material.
 * Malign (M2) - (--) - Seeking oxygen material.
 * Divine (W1) - (++) - Seeking explosive material.
 * Wise (W2) - (+) - Seeking oil material.
 * Sentient (K1) - (++) - Seeking gunpowder material.
 * Horrific (K2) - (+) - Seeking charcoal material.