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The world of Una is an infinite expanse of floating Skylands. This world is, of course, populated by airships and sky pirates. Una is not a spherical planet, it is a flat plane that expands endlessly in all directions. These skylands float overtop of a void of clouds and storms. What is below the clouds is an ever deepening mass of gasses that collect into heavier forms and is homogeneous. The physical laws of the plane of Una allows skylands to float above this void.

These skylands are grown from a gemstones, called Gemin, after they descend from the sky. These gemstones collect matter over time scales geological. As it collects dust and sand from its surroundings, it forms a platter of stone. Gemin have magical power indicated by their color. Some can expel water in gallons, radiate heat in excess, or add flora and fauna in droves. All of the natural processes these skylands undertake are set into motion by the Gemin in the cores of each skyland; and now, by the humans that have adapted to inhabit them.

The sky is covered in birds, the ground in birds, and the waters in fish with wings. The humans glide from skyland to skyland in wingsuits and ships. Around all of the ports of the cities of Una, nets hang to catch the gliders that inevitably fall short of the skyland docks.

Keygemin includes elements of a sky pirates genre, but is first and foremost a monster collecting world. Gemin can be transformed into sentient creatures, called Keygemin. Some Gemin are attracted, romantically, to each other. This causes skylands clump into large "social" groups. Some skylands grouped near the center of the map are pushed away by the sourceways wind.